Patient Satisfaction

Newport Center’s patient satisfaction rating for the 2nd Quarter of 2015 is 94.6%. Here are a few things our patients are saying about the center.

“Woke up feeling as if I had not been sedated. Wonderful!”

“Really appreciated the anesthesiologist’s phone call and information he gave me. He was very comforting.”

“The staffs in the surgical center were very friendly and made me feel relaxed about the procedure.”

“Everyone was extremely nice and accommodating.”

“Very efficient.”

“The entire staff was extremely professional, warm and very efficient.”

“All the accommodations of a Hospital, yet none of the feeling of being just a face in the crowd. The staff treated you as a person they were interested in.”

“I loved not having to go to a hospital and that the center did not feel like a hospital. The staff really calmed my fears. They were all so warm & helpful.”

“I was impressed by the courteous, friendly, professionalism of everyone I met. Really a patient oriented environment.”

“The waiting room was very comfortable and the staff was very courteous.”

“My pre-surgery prep nurse was very caring and provided excellent care. She made me feel at ease and comfortable and left a good impression.”

“Everybody seemed like they loved their job. The lady at the front desk and my nurse were wonderful. They both deserve a raise for being so happy, so early in the morning. They were both a pleasure to be around.”

“I love the staff and the facility. I would recommend Newport Center Surgical to anyone that needed an out-patient procedure.”